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Weight Loss Discussion

For me losing weight will jut fall in eating the right kind of food and daily exercise. We just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthy weight.


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Great tips in loosing weight. You might also want to add in a lot of discipline for a successful weight loss regime.

weight loss tips

"No beer - get used to drinking wine and vodka sodas"

I don't think so.

Don't drink alcohol at all.

Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss Guide

I would have to agree that exercise get you on the right track in you weight loss goal.

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I have some comments to make about weight loss in general - I have seen a lot of people just look atthe BMI numbers and panic! Dont just rely on BMI as "the" indicator of your weight. If you really want to know your "healthy weight for your height" - you must also consider a few other factors such as : your age, your level of activity per day (how active you are and what kind of work you do), you blood cholesterol levels, whether you are diabetic, your waist size, cardiac or heart related ailments - a number of other factors. But BMI does give you something to think about - its a good starting point.

Then there are ways you can lose weight - my favorite being the one which will be more aligned with a change in lifestyle. I always believed that losing weight is very closely related to changes in lifestyle. I embraced this concept and took me about 7 months - but now, 3 years since I have maintained that weight - without feeling i am doing anything extra!
what i did was gradually changed my breakfast to contain oatmeal and fruit, and some non oily stuff, started walking more - i do about 3 miles a day now (not much), i eat a good normal lunch - just stay off the fats as much as i can, i drink a lot more water, 3 liters per day at least, i keep my dinner light and keep at least 2.5 hours gap between dinner and bed time. Thats it! i do have alochol during the weekends - but not too much.

It took me a while to get into the routine -but it worked - i am healthier, lighter, and more active after i lost those extra pounds!

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I really like the way you describe things. It's so easy to understand and so reasoned. Thanx!!!

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hello there is so many tips to loss weight and the really healthy habit is to do exercise and to eat healthy have a nice diet and you will lose weight .

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