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Not necessarily. If the properties are competitively priced, the market could stabilize. A buyer could actually like the place, and keep it even if they are down a bit 3 years out. They also have use of the cash, and vacant properties do not improve and do eat cash. I carry no brief for this project, but I can say that you can get decent Florida property cheaply now, and for those who want to go there buying is an obvious good trade.


ah, I meant crazy for Lehman... I'd agree that FL isn't necessarily a bad deal - for a start, there's definitely "blood on the street" there.


Sorry about the lack of clarity. From the perspective of Lehman, it makes sense. There is risk in holding a vacant house - wear and tear, vandalism, and the distressed look that a neighborhood gets when the neighbor's pool is filled with green slime.
If you're Lehman and you own it anyway, it is preferable to take the risk, get cash to invest for 3 years, and hope for the best. Not what they planned, I'm sure, but it is likely preferable to inaction. For the buyer, a free put doesn't suck.

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Thanks for the info, I will suggest this to my cousin who needs a property in your place.

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Thanks for the info, I will tell this to my friends.


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