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You're an idiot. Is that why you defend our President? If ignorance is bliss then you must be the happiest man alive.


another soap salesman? Jeebus you guys are omnipresent...


If Pritchett is a leading management guru then that goes a long way to explaining the poor stewardship of the nations economy by our business leaders. Management failures everywhere you look, sucking up bailout dollars, blaming all else except their own shortcomings. What, stale, failed thinking he exhibits. Good annotation to his bonehead letter points.

low budget dave

Obama doesn't listen to other points of view? Good Ghod Almighty on a stick. If he spent any more time listening to nitwits who disagree with him, he would have to get French citizenship.

If we could mix Obama's intellect with George Bush's "f- all you" attitude, then maybe we could get some s- done around here.


Spot on Lou, SPOT ON!


You may not like corporate America and their "golden eggs", but you most certainly do enjoy their benefits. Look around at the rest of the world. We've got it made here in the US, much because of a free market that was for the most part uncontrolled by the government. It may not have been perfect, but what system in this world is? It was, however, a better system than the one we're going to get IF Obama and his "beleivers" get their way. Don't believe me? Look at Europe and other county's whose governments have a heavy hand in business, the people are not prosperous nor are they allowed to speak their minds.



You may wish to actually travel outside the US and see the European countries. All of the countries in the European Union are both free (yup, they get to speak their minds) and market oriented. They may have heavier taxes but they also have better healthcare and they are prosperous. Seriously, get a passport and travel a little.


[I hate those Americans who hate Americans.] ROTFL :)


I agree with Lou. And YOU are a snot nose, kool-aid drinking, nit wit! I am very concerned about the way our country is going and mostly concerned for my kid's future in it.

Jon H

"You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations."

It must have been soo easy to take Proctor & Gamble to the cleaners when this tool was in charge of cutting deals.

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