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New bumper sticker.

"it's as good as money in the investment"

doesn't work for me


The US govt has thrown around such huge amounts of cash at the problems that it has temporarily stabilized the economic system But this comes with a lot of consequences, and the current expansion of the money supply is not sustainable because it will severely damage the value of the dollar and create a significant inflation problem in a few years. That is why I feel gold is one of the best asset classes to invest in currently given its safe haven status and that it is denominated in dollars. And here is a very interesting article on these issues Canada Gold Investing 101 on the top left of the page, which analyzes the relationship between the dollar, the gold price, and gold mining companies as a result of the Federal Reserve's easy monetary policies. I thought it was especially helpful for investors to read to get a better sense of the dynamics between these sectors because of the serious implications they have for the future of the country.

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