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You don't deserve to know

Whoever you are, WallStreetJackass, you have picked the right name. You ARE a jackass. Clearly your mother never taught you any manners and you have no sense of respect for others.

Ken Sternberg

Thank you for bringing this to light. It's humbling to know that those among us who walk (or get driven in limos) in the more rarified atmosphere can also fall prey to base human emotions.

I mean, come on! It is the New York Athletic Club. They were just being athletic.


LOL!!!! hilarious. bunch of central park south idiots acting like the thugs they are.

Curly Pubes

I heard it started cuz one of the old members came into the tap room after taking a cold plunge and his 80 yr old gonads were hanging out under his towel and they bumped into some young hottie's Manolo Blahniks


You, sir, have the boorish manners of a Yalie.


bunch of idiot lacrosse players

Well, it's not the Harvard club

Couldn't happen to a finer establishment. Stayed there a few times as a guest, and best memory is trying to go for a jog at 6AM and being redirected to a back exit because I wasn't wearing the proper attire. Would have loved to see the brawl. Another good argument for confiscatory tax rates.


My friend invites me to the Yale Club a few times per year. This place seems so much more exciting


Were any of the 1% inbred twits killed? Maimed? Disfigured? Keelhauled? Non? Quelle damage.

Listen Joker, I am paying good money for your politeness

If NYAC leadership had any backbone they would force all involved to write a letter of apology to the entire membership and level harsh (and humbling) sanctions upon them. Keep it internal to the club, sure, but hammer these jokers lest round two will come again soon.

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